Android Enterprise Essentials Technical Post-exam Answers 2021


Q.1 – The Essentials customer portal is used by the customers for the following:

(A) Distribute new company applications

(B) Wipe device remotely

(C) Reset device passcodes

Q.2 – What will the customer end user see on the device when an Essentials device is deregistered by the reseller?

(A) The user will see a notification that their device is no longer protected

(B) The device will immediately factory reset

(C) The user will not see anything

Q.3 – True or False: In order to activate Android Enterprise Essentials, a customer must first make sure to get approved by an EMM.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.4 – A resellers entry point into Essentials is through an existing:

(A) Managed Google Play account

(B) Reseller G Suite account

(C) Essentials admin portal

(D) Zero-touch reseller portal

Q.5 – True or False: End users can easily choose not to enroll devices during the out of box setup.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.6 – True or False: Customers are able to use their Essentials customer portal to manage applications on their device fleet.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.7 – The zero-touch reseller portal is used by Android Enterprise Essentials resellers to do the following:

(A) Create customer accounts

(B) Register devices for customers

(C) Create an application store

(D) Create customer accounts and register devices for customers

Q.8 – True or False: Customers are able to rename their devices to a friendly name using the Essentials customer portal.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.9 – Android Enterprise Essentials makes use of the following:

(A) Zero-touch reseller portal for resellers and Essentials customer portal

(B) Zero-touch portal for resellers and Managed Google Play

(C) Essentials customer portal and G Suite admin console

(D) Zero-touch portal and Essentials reseller portal

Q.10 – Essentials customer account admins are able to reset a device passcode remotely using the following method:

(A) This is not possible, employees must do this themselves

(B) By using the Essentials customer account, reset screen lock feature

(C) By requesting this from their authorized reseller

(D) By removing the device from the Essentials customer account

Q.11 – What does a customer need to do before they can access the Essentials customer portal?

(A) Click the link in the welcome email and create/link a Google account

(B) Upload their devices using a CSV file

(C) Create an EMM configuration and map it to devices

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